Whistleblowing channel Itínere Group

Following the Spanish Criminal Code was reformed in 2010, and Organic Law 1/2015 enacted in March 30th, companies have been required to have control systems that more effectively prevent, detect and react to the risk of any member of the organisation perpetrating a potentially criminal act within their organisation.

The Spanish Public Prosecution Office places special value on disclosure of infractions to the competent authorities by the company itself.

The Whistleblowers Channel enables confidential communication through a simple form that can be filled out and sent subject to the highest standards of integrity, security and confidentiality of user data.  Using this channel, potentially irregular activities and behaviours that may breach the code of conduct and/or potential perpetration of a criminal, administrative infraction and/or any other that may entail incurring a risk of a breach that runs contrary to the DNA and the set of values and principles of the ITINERE Group and the companies comprising it can be sent over a secure encrypted SSL connection.

Protocol for the use of the Itínere Group whistleblowing channel

Whistleblowing channel platform Itínere Group