The ITÍNERE GROUP hereby informs its suppliers that it uses a Quality system for approving and reassessing its external suppliers every year, based on ISO certifications, regulatory compliance, their delivery time fulfilment and tracking of quality, environment and occupational health and safety incidents. Products/services received will be inspected at Reception. All our suppliers are assessed annually based on how well they comply with specifications.

Average payment period to suppliers

For the purposes of the second final provision of Act 31/2014, 3rd December, amending Act 15/2010, 5th July, which in turn amended Act 3/2004, 29th December, establishing measures to fight against irregualr payment of trade transactions, it is hereby stated that the average payment period for our suppliers in 2021 was:

11 days

Itínere Infraestructuras, S.A.

28 days

Grupo Itínere Infraestructuras